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  • 20:00 Popular Kimi No Na Wa 2016 P1

    Kimi No Na Wa 2016 P1

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    Kimi No Na Wa 2016 Movie

  • 07:30 Popular Jerky Turkey

    Jerky Turkey

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    Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer এর করা প্রথম দিককার একটি কার্টুন।

  • 17:37 Popular Bangla Cartoon Doraemoon

    Bangla Cartoon Doraemoon

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  • 23:41 Popular Nichijou-Episode-14


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    Nano begins her first day at high school, but becomes paranoid about hiding the fact that she's a robot, though everyone else pretty much figures it out upon seeing her. A boy named Makoto Sakurai decides to join the go-soccer club, revealing to the club'

  • 23:41 Popular Nichijou-Episode-13


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    Through Sakamoto, the Professor learns of Nano's wish to go to school though she misunderstands that Nano wants to leave her. Despite having a serious fever, Yūko still goes to school to perform some tricks she practiced for Mio albeit without success. Sa

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-11


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    After finally recovering at home from a three-day cold, Yūko panics when she learns of tomorrow's school test. She struggles against her lazy-like behavior while trying to study but ends up writing poems. The Vice-principal has some nostalgic moments conc

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-12


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    Yūko starts the day with a great mood, but she panics once at school after realizing she forgot her homework at home. Misato becomes flustered when Kōjirō tries to help her choose a juice from the vending machine. When she randomly ends up picking the one

  • 23:41 Popular Nichijou-Episode-10


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    Yūko arrives late for class but is unable to enter due to the various traps set up by Mai. When she finally does enter, no one is there. Annaka goes to the park to eat Nagashi sōmen but the food is being served by a mad woman. After Nano praises how matur

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-3


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    Yūko gets the feeling that Mai is mad at her and tries to apologize in various ways, only to find out she was wearing headphones. Meanwhile, Nano and the Professor finds a black cat and names it Sakamoto. The Professor makes a special scarf which allows S

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-2


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    After running late from school, Mio ends up being chased by a girl wearing a bear mask, which turns out to be her older sister playing a prank on her. Meanwhile, Nano is shocked to find the Professor has modified her body to produce desserts. Later, Mio l

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-4


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    Guidance counselor Izumi Sakurai has trouble enforcing the rules to the school's students. Meanwhile, Nano and the Professor go grocery shopping where they are surprised to find a snowman on sale. Later, Sakamoto's desire to be the authority figure is wav

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-5


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    Tsuyoshi Nakanojō visits a medium in order to debunk the supernatural but fails. Yūko and Mai play Rock-paper-scissors except Mai doesn't follow the rules of the game exactly. The Professor tries to fix Nano's Daruma doll only to make it worse. Yūko decid

  • 23:41 Popular Nichijou-Episode-6


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    Mio and Yūko play a game of picture shiritori, with Mio becoming increasingly shocked by Yūko's bad spelling. While standing out in the hallway, Yūko becomes speechless as she bears witness to a life or death battle between the principal and a deer. Meanw

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-7


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    An evil man named Dolf kidnaps the King Albert and pursues his daughter, seeking two wooden cubes that will allow him to take over the kingdom. However, he randomly dies after tripping over, allowing the princess to regain control of his minions. One of t

  • 23:42 Popular Nichijou-Episode-8


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    On the morning of a very warm day, Nano's hand shoots off like a rocket while she is stretching outside, and she begins to chase it. Yūko tells various jokes to make Mio and Mai laugh, but she is devastated by the fact that none of them succeed. Misato tr

  • 23:41 Popular Nichijou-Episode-9


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    Mio is angry with her older sister Yoshino for ruining her cakes in order to play jokes on her. Yūko, Mio and Mai eat at a soba restaurant, but Yūko gets impatient when Mio's and Mai's dishes arrive while her order of vegetable tendon has not. Yūko is una

  • 23:41 Popular Nichijou-Episode-1


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    While chasing after a cat that stole her breakfast, Nano runs into a student and blows up and finds herself up on a roof with a missing arm. Yūko goes through desperate means to keep her octopus sausage from being sullied, while Kōjirō Sasahara makes a sc

  • 00:57 Popular Phineas and Ferb - Opening Theme

    Phineas and Ferb - Opening Theme

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    There's 104 days of summer vacationAnd school comes along just to end itSo the annual problem for our generationIs finding a good way to spend itLike maybe...Building a rocketOr fighting a mummyOr climbing up the Eiffel TowerDiscovering something that doe

  • 12:18 Popular Phineas and Ferb S1 Episode 01 - Rollercoaster

    Phineas and Ferb S1 Episode 01 - Rollercoaster

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  • 10:48 Popular Phineas and Ferb S1 Episode 01 - Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

    Phineas and Ferb S1 Episode 01 - Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

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